Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring & Finance

Is there a minimum stay period when hiring 2N5 ?

No. You maintain services only if you are 100% satisfied with it.

How long does it take to activate my service?

  • Conference Rooms Service – Immediate
  • Cloud Pabx – 72 hours
  • Virtual Numbers – 24 hours for non-ported numbers and 7-15 days for ported numbers
  • Auto attendant and music on hold – 2 days Average time from receipt of documentation.

If I change my mind, can I leave 2N5? Can I take my phone number with me?

2N5 is not a telephone operator but an integrator and engineering company. When you port your number, an authorized operator in Brazil (Embratel / Vivo / Algar) will be your new provider. In the future, if you wish to move to another carrier, we will be making the portability process for the new company you choose. We understand that the telephone number is customer propriety and we act in this sense.


Is there a line or extension limit on the 2N5 PBX?

No. Your PBX grows the way you need it.

Is there a word or time limit for Auto Attendant or Music on Hold?

We do not limit the amount of words or length of messages. If you wish to hire our professional partners for this service the limit is 60 words for each item.

Does 2N5 Softphone work on a PC?

Yes, we provide 2 ways to use WebRTC. The first is by downloading application on PC and the second is by using any PC browser. Yes, we provide 2 ways to use WebRTC. The first is by downloading application on PC and the second is by using any PC browser.

Can I configure my PBX as I wish?

Our support will adjust your PBX settings the way you want. You can access your admin area on our website and set your PBX as desired.

Can I have my custom auto attendant?

Yes. Just have the IVR message recorded to media file.

Can I have a Virtual Number anywhere in the world? Is there a limit on numbers?

You can have Virtual Number in any country where there is 1 carrier providing SIP telephony. Today this is possible in virtually all world capitals. There is no number limit.


How does support works?

Our engineering works 24 hours a day throughout the year. If your request is emergency, the support will be immediate regardless of time. For less urgent requests, the service queue will be respected. Usually our support responds in less than 24 hours and the solution depends on the type of request.

Hiring 2N5 do I need PBX maintainer?

Our PBX is NGN (Next Generation Network) and is simple to handle. Our support will handle all your requests at no additional cost (unless there is a need to move technician to your address). Most of our customers give up the PBX maintainer figure.

Can I talk to support by phone?

Yes. But all requests should occur by phone or by the calling tool or by email for better control. If you need telephone contact our support will call you.

Will I have high quality on all services?

2N5 considers quality the main point in its services. Our engineers have met this challenge and today we can ensure professional quality in our services. In some services we depend on the internet quality provided by our customer such as Softphone in mobile. Our support will work with the customer to align expectations.

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