Corporate Cloud Pabx

In today’s busy world, being ready for change is no longer an option. Communication plays a fundamental role in everyday business. Communicating in an agile, intelligent and safe way, makes it essential to use a modern communication system that meets corporate requirements.

Mobile telephony plays an important role in modern communication, but fixed telephony is certainly the main communication tool of most companies with their customers and suppliers as well as among employees. What has always been evident is that at some point the 2 telephones would converge, integrating the best resources of each one.

This integration is possible with PABX IP NGN centrals, which in addition to the features of conventional PABX, bring new features, until today little used by companies, either due to the simple fact that they do not exist in conventional PABX or due to the high cost of their implementation. Investing in a central NGN is on the agenda of most IT managers and managers, but the high cost of its implementation ends up making it unfeasible in most situations. We are specialists in making these projects possible with minimal investment.

Hosted PBX

Our Cloud PBX solution is the largest existing PortaOne platform in the world with proven enterprise quality for over 20 years.

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Business VoIP

2N5 Global Enabler offers a complete portfolio of  VolP solutions designed for business customers.

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Mobile Softphone

Our Mobile VoIP solution is easy to use with both iOS and Android devices.

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 Home Office

Our Home Office solution is unique to SMB and Home Office users.

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Our Virtual Phone Number solution lets you forward calls to any phone number using your own DID providers, anywhere in the world.

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SIP Trunking 

State-of-the-art technology without channel limitation and simultaneous calling

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Worldwide trend, WebRTC is accessing corporate extensions from any browser

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Voice VPN

We offer you the option of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your voice traffic secure and private.

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Innovative multi-language solution with unlimited participants with access via web or any phone in the main capitals of the world

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